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10 Fascinating Facts About Rhinoplasty You Should Know

Those who are unhappy with the size, shape and symmetry of their nose can get it changed with Rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty helps you improve your facial appearance, give you a well-defined nose and subsequently help you have better self-esteem and confidence. Here are some fascinating facts about Rhinoplasty that you should know.

1) Popular

It is a well-documented fact that Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. According to an annual report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 200,000 men and women choose to undergo a nose job in 2016 alone.

2) Has a history

Did you know that surgical Rhinoplasty began in ancient Egypt and ancient India? The Ayurvedic physician Sushruta who described reconstruction of the nose in the Sushruta samhita (ca. 600 BCE) his medico–surgical compendium performed rhinoplasty techniques in ancient India. Sushruta also developed the otoplastic technique for forehead flap Rhinoplasty procedure that remains contemporary plastic surgical practice

3) Surgical Technique Differs for Men and Women

Men and women have different physical features and have very diverse needs for their Rhinoplasty results. The techniques for men and women are also different. Men are likely to ask for straighter angles and a more masculine shape, while women often favor softer lines and a more womanly look.

4) Beyond aesthetic value

The value of Rhinoplasty goes far beyond aesthetic value. Rhinoplasty corrects any damages that people have suffered due to accidents and injuries. It also solves issue with breathing for those who suffer breathing obstructions.

5) Your voice will not change

Rhinoplasty regularly involves eliminating or restructuring the soft tissue and bone near your nose.  However, if performed properly, there is no reason why it should affect your voice in any ways. It is more of a myth than a fact that Rhinoplasty will change your voice.

6) Recovery is mild

Recovering from Rhinoplasty has been compared to recovering from a common cold. The pain or pressure can be managed with pain killers. You will have to sleep with a few extra pillows to elevate your head. You will also have to avoid strenuous activities for about a month.

7) Avoid Taking Certain Medications

You will be asked to avoid certain medication before the surgery. Certain medications can thin your blood, which is why you will have to avoid these medications for about two weeks before your nose job and a few weeks after the surgery. These medications can amplify the threat of complications during surgery, as well as cause bruising.

8) Revision Rhinoplasty

Those who are unhappy with the result of their Rhinoplasty can choose to have a revision surgery to fix the issue. One of the best things about Rhinoplasty is that revision can help you correct the errors made previously.

9) Good surgeon, better results

A board certified surgeon with lots of experience should be your first preference for a Rhinoplasty surgery. This individual should be someone you can trust your face with so it’s pertinent that they have a lot of experience and the right qualifications. Check out the before and after pictures of their previous patients to get a better idea.

10) Results will take time

Patience is the key word when it comes to Rhinoplasty results and recovery. Your results will not appear in a week or two. The results will appear gradually and the wait will be worth it.

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