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Busting Rhinoplasty Myths

It’s time we agree that most of us aren’t happy with how we look. To rectify and fix the error our genes bestowed us with, we opt for cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is not a rich man’s luxury. Cosmetic surgery has widened to encompass a lot of things and this includes having surgery which is not just affordable for many but also in some cases essential. Of these surgeries Rhinoplasty, without a doubt remains one of the most popular surgeries. But while its popularity surges, there are myths associated that has people afraid to pursue this surgery or even entertain the idea of a consultation. So without much ado, we will be busting the myths associated with Rhinoplasty today.

No such thing as a perfect nose.

Rhinoplasty will not give you a perfect nose. There is no such thing as a perfect nose. But there is a nose that will balance out your face and will give you facial harmony and it’s yours. Rhinoplasty can do this for you. Rhinoplasty isn’t a shopping site where you could buy yourself a new nose, it’s a body part and there is a lot to consider before you go under the knife.

Anyone can perform a Rhinoplasty

Absolutely not! You must always choose a trained, experienced and board certified cosmetic surgeon for any cosmetic procedure. For Rhinoplasty you will need a board certified doctor who is willing to showcase his previous work so you can see what results will look like.

You can get the any shape you desire

While this may partially be true, you must consider the fact that your doctor can and will only give what suits you. Any surgery is always performed after long discussions.

You will need multiples nose jobs to look good

Not everyone is Michael Jackson. While Revision Rhinoplasty is often performed, it is mostly to fix botched attempts of the primary surgery. Any reputed surgeon will shun the idea of multiples Rhinoplasty. Reason being every time a nose is operated upon there is more scar tissue being piled on and it may cause trouble with air passage.

Use of an implant or filler is a nose job

A good surgeon would prefer using natural cartilage harvested from the septum or ear. Rarely do they use alloplastic implants. Mean while fillers are known to be temporary measures and have their own set of limitation. Besides their long term effects are unknown.

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