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Corrective Rhinoplasty For Better Results

Rhinoplasty can give you the nose that you want but it does not always go in your favour. Sometimes Primary Rhinoplasty or the first nose job only scratches the surface of the problem. More than often men and women need more than one Rhinoplasty to fix the issue with their nose. This is where corrective Rhinoplasty helps. Having a corrective Rhinoplasty will not only fix the issue but also leave room for more changes if necessary. However,you must be aware before you start with your surgery of few things very vital for best results. Corrective Rhinoplasty comes with its own set of unique challenges. Primarily, the baseline of the nose has already been changed by the previous surgery, because of this; it is theoretically more challenging and usually needs a longer recovery.

While there are no hard and fast rules about many times a patient can safely undergo Rhinoplasty, it is vital to note that each ensuing surgery can lead to more scar tissue, which has a major effect on healing and results.  A good surgeon will know how to minimize the scarring. Most patients seek corrective Rhinoplasty for practical and aesthetic issues, which are generally tackled by creating a strong fundamental nasal formation. Grafts or “living tissue” are harvested from other areas of the body, such as the septum, the bowl of the ear and rib to achieve a stable framework. It is usually considered the best to avoid another corrective Rhinoplasty. It’s best to consult a board certified surgeon for this complex procedure. They understand the importance and of the procedure and how demanding it is. It’s quite intricate and need to be treated as such.

At Allure MedSpa, we understand how difficult it is to get what you want. Our team is dedicated to making your journey in the world of plastic surgery as easy and pleasurable as possible. Under the guidance of cosmetic celebrity surgeon Dr. Milan Doshi, we have always delivered the best possible results.

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