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Difference between Open and Closed Rhinoplasty

My mom used to say “Always look your best for every situation”. Well to be fair I never cared about her constant rambling about all the things. But to be fair to her it’s a good advice which a lot of us should try to implement in our life. With cosmetic surgery booming it’s not impossible to alter and build a new image of our self. So why not take advantage of Cosmetic surgery to get rid of our imperfection.

Lot of times we may have a bump on our nose or have curved tip. Rhinoplasty helps us to change the shape of our nose which could end up with giving dramatic uplift to our face. That’s why right now rhinoplasty is highest in demand among all cosmetic surgery. But did you know that there are two approaches to rhinoplasty and you have a choice. Two approaches are open and closed type but it is hard to distinguish between results of those two when all the healing is completed. But a lot of times surgeon develop tendency to prefer a certain type of approach main reason could be due to lack of experience with closed approach. But for you as a potential patient it is important to understand how open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty is performed to help you achieve your desired result.

You don’t have to be a Plastic surgeon to realize that it is difficult to see up through the nostrils. But such technique (known as Closed rhinoplasty) was popular in earlier times. It was tough to master such delicate procedure and it used to be a learning curve for lot of doctor. 10 to 20 percent of times people needed another surgery to achieve perfection but as revision procedure of Rhinoplasty there is not much a scope of tip work closed approach is actually a safe and proficient. While open approach when doing revision rhinoplasty allows meticulous dissection through scar tissue. It helps as it allows more room for suturing and grafting of cartilage of severely deformed tips. Open rhinoplasty approach also allows a more “sterile” setting for artificial implants placements.

Consult a professional surgeon before you arrive on your final decision.

See Before and After Photos of Open and Closed Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping) Surgery-

Open Rhinoplasty

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