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Get A Pointed Approach To The Nose With Open Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is in simple terms nose job. We have heard the term a lot of times. It is a tricky procedure and many celebrities have undergone the procedure. A well-known celebrity had to receive a lot of flake for a failed nose job. So much so that she became a joke in the social circle. She is now out of the glamour arena. It is sad that a failed surgery would cost you your face and the high flying career. It is always advisable to visit the best of the surgeon for the Open Rhinoplasty procedure. It is a tricky but an affordable surgery.

In Open Rhinoplasty Procedure, a small incision inside the nose is made, as along the nostrils. The incision is small and you do not have to worry about the visibility. During the surgical process, local anesthesia is given, so that there is no discomfort or pain. The surgeon sometimes uses the ear cartilage for the operation. You might experience a little bit of swelling and bruising after the surgery. However, it is quite natural and will be done away in a week or two.

The surgery is for both male and female. A lot of care should be taken immediately after the surgery. Rigorous washing of face should be avoided. The surgery takes two to three hours and takes around a week to heal completely.

In the open Rhinoplasty procedure incision across the columella (the strip of skin separating the nostrils) so that the nasal tip during a rhinoplasty procedure is exposed. In essence, this transcolumellar incision connects the standard intranasal incisions used in closed rhinoplasty and adds about 5 mm (1/4 inch) of additional length to the incision.
The open rhinoplasty will give a better shape to the nose hence boosting your confidence. The big advantage of this approach is the great visibility of the nasal tip. A visit to the surgeon and a follow up is a must if you want positive results. You should always keep a positive approach to your surgery otherwise with negativity a surgery might go haywire.

A person at any age can undergo the procedure. However always visit a well-known surgeon, otherwise you will have to end up in the shadows of embarrassment. A two weeks healing process and you will get a more confident look for yourself. So keep up a positive approach.

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