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Revision Rhinoplasty, A Second Chance

Rhinoplasty isn’t always the answer for meant who don’t have a nose that goes with their face. Despite having undergone a Rhinoplasty people often find themselves unsatisfied with results or the results weren’t what they were expecting. Unlike any surgeries,Rhinoplasty surgery and its effects can be corrected. A revision Rhinoplasty can fix any and every error. However that being said, revision Rhinoplasty is rare and shouldn’t just be used cause patients feels like having a completely new nose after a while. The revision rate of Rhinoplasty can be as high as 15 percent since it is one of the most difficult facial surgeries. If a patient does insist on a Rhinoplasty, doctors might view it more as reconstructive surgery to fix the problem.

While the doctors do their best to give the patients what they want, sometimes it is a revision Rhinoplasty is needed due to unexpected healing or changes in facial proportions. While there is no hard and fast rule on how many times a patient can safely undergo Rhinoplasty, it is important to understand that each succeeding surgery can result in more scar tissue, which has a considerable impact on healing and cosmetic results. Most patients who seek major corrective Rhinoplasty both have practical and artistic issues with their previous surgery. This generally addressed by creating a strong underlying nasal structure. The grafts or “living tissue”is harvested from other areas of the body—such as the septum or wall between the nostrils, bowl of the ear and rib. The tissues harvested are used to deal with a wide range of cosmetic and functional issues. Though revision Rhinoplasty is an option, most surgeons generally try to avoid it.

It is pertinent to have all your procedures and consultation with experienced board certified surgeon’s whose reputation is a certification of their excellence. This will give you the best results that you can enjoy for long.

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