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Rhinoplasty is not a one stop solution. More than often people aren’t happy with the way their nose has been shaped or altered. The quest for perfection is never ending and this is what very often leads people to consider revision Rhinoplasty. Revision Rhinoplasty gives you a chance to correct errors if any and get a better result under another surgeon. No matter what the reason for getting a revision Rhinoplasty are, there are a few things you must know.

Right reasons

There is no hard and fast rule about the time for Rhinoplasty however your reasons must be solid and sensible. If you are unhappy or facing a breathing obstruction post the first Rhinoplasty go for a revision Rhinoplasty. It is important that you and your surgeon decide what exactly you should expect from your Rhinoplasty for that if you wish to undergo a revision Rhinoplasty you will have better ideas and clearer expectation.


It takes a long time for your results of the first Rhinoplasty to be visible. You must be patient and wait for the results to emerge and then decide whether you need a Rhinoplasty or not. Post your Rhinoplasty, wait for about a year, if you are still unhappy with the results, you can talk to your surgeon or choose another one to have a revision Rhinoplasty.

Choosing the right surgeon

This is necessary no matter what procedure you are planning to undergo; a good surgeon is necessary. The surgeon must be board certified and must have plenty of experience for the kind of surgery you are planning to undergo. Do not hesitate in asking for their credentials and testimonials. Go through their reviews and ensure they have the experience and qualification required to perform the surgery.

At Allure Med Spa, we strive to achieve optimal results. We are renowned for our state-of-the-art internationally acclaimed services, offers affordable and cost effective cosmetic procedures. Our operations are spearheaded by Dr.Milan Doshi whose expertise and skills are renowned. If you wish to undergo a revision Rhinoplasty, we would be happy to assist you on this journey.

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