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Revision Rhinoplasty – Getting It Right The Second Time

Rhinoplasty is a decisions taken after plenty of consideration and thoughts. The amount of research, energy and money that goes into this procedure is not small. Hence being unhappy with the results of Rhinoplasty is rare. Though its rare it happens and hence we have the option of revision Rhinoplasty. Revision Rhinoplasty is the process of revising the previously done Rhinoplasty. However, before you go storming into your surgeon’s clinic for a revision Rhinoplasty you need to know a few things and how to go about the proceed with the idea. Here are a few tips that would make the whole journey a little simpler.

Right reasons

It is important to have realistic goals and expectation from any cosmetic surgery. Ask yourself why you need a revision Rhinoplasty. What are hoping to achieve? Weren’t your results dramatic enough? get your expectations straight and be realistic about it. If you aren’t happy with the results and your concerns are visible, it’s best to consult a surgeon and work on a solution together.

Right amount of time

How soon is too soon? Remember it takes near about a year for the results of your Rhinoplasty to be visible. Try to be patient so that you can evaluate your results and then accordingly decide if you want a revision Rhinoplasty. Post your initial Rhinoplasty if you are unhappy with the results after 6thmonth, you can consult your surgeon and explore the options of revision Rhinoplasty.

Right surgeon

If you are redoing the work done previously by a surgeon, you obviously won’t be going back to same person whose work you weren’t happy with. So it’s time to choose a surgeon and choose them wisely. This is necessary no matter what procedure you are planning to undergo; a good surgeon is necessary. The surgeon must be board certified and must have plenty of experience for the kind of surgery you are planning to undergo.

To know and understand the intricacy of a revision Rhinoplasty, you need to consult an expert at a world class clinic. At Allure med spa we have both. We have the best of technology and use the latest techniques that will result in best results, minimum discomfort and faster recovery. Dr. Milan Doshi, who forefronts our operations is the best you can hope for as he is armed with years of knowledge and experience.

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