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Dr. Milan Doshi

Dr. Milan Doshi, a seasoned Rhinoplasty Specialist, can correct imperfections such as deviated septums, dorsal humps, crookedness and irregular tips. Each initial examination goes over all of a patient’s options before committing to the final procedure. All rhinoplasty operations are completed in a few hours under general anesthesia and recovery time only takes one to two weeks. Dr. Doshi will walk applicants through all the steps necessary to have a successful surgery, including advice on how to heal quickly and efficiently with minimal discomfort. His main goals are to make his patients look and feel great at any age, while enjoy a calm and relaxed atmosphere during their surgical experience.Some of the qualifications Dr. Milan  Doshi has achieved include recognition from the official Indian Medical Board and being a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon. He has founded the Allure medspa- Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and is a reputable consultant at a few hospitals, including the Seven Hills Hospital in Andheri. Besides being a member of the ISAPS, he is active with the Indian Medical Association also and the Association of Medical Consultants Mumbai, to name a few. Throughout the years.

Choosing a certified, professional plastic surgeon can often be the most important step to take when considering rhinoplasty. The right rhinoplasty doctor will assist in taking great care throughout the whole procedure and will have many success stories to support their reputation.

When deciding on what type of Rhinoplasty is right for a candidate, they can consider visiting the offices of Dr. Milan Doshi, a reputable and certified plastic surgeon in Mumbai. For more than a decade, Dr. Doshi has worked with countless patients to repair and alter their appearance to look more aesthetically pleasing and satisfying. He and his team of top notch professionals are known as being one of the top body sculpting teams in the area. The well being and comfort of each patient is put at top priority, which is prevalent at their clean, knowledgeable and tranquil surgical center.

Dr. Doshi has participated in numerous conferences and workshops throughout India and the world. Some of the most notable include the first Indian Symposium on Hand Transplantation in Chennai and the International Tutorials Aesthetic Plastic Surgery conference in Bombay. No matter a patient’s needs when it comes to searching for the perfect rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Doshi is sure to satisfy and exceed their medical and aesthetic expectations with his quality work.




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