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Rhinoplasty Surgery Simplified

Nose has a place of pride and importance among-st your facial features. A broken nose or a dis proportioned nose is not just unattractive but also ruins your facial symmetry. An injury or birth defect often ruins the shape of the nose. Where as many others are born with birth defects that renders that leaves them looking unattractive or with severe breathing obstruction. There are many who might benefit in their professional life with a right nose. No matter what ails your nose, a Rhinoplasty can fix it. Rhinoplasty can change the way your nose looks and bring about facial symmetry and harmony in your facial features. Here are some important things to know before you sign up for the surgery.

Rhinoplasty also known as “nose job” is a surgery to correct or augment the shape of the nose, so that it goes in harmony with your facial features.  It is an excellent facial feature correcting procedure that doesn’t leave you with visible scars. Rhinoplasty is performed under Local, Local + Sedation or General Anesthesia depending upon the doctor’s consultation. This is day care surgery. If Rhinoplasty procedure is performed in the morning, you can consider getting back home by the evening.  It usually takes about a week post the surgery to resolve to normal life. You can resume mild exercise like brisk walking and jogging in a week’s time. Heavy, strenuous exercise may be resumed in 2-3 weeks’ time. You may experience swelling, bruising and issues with your nose that mimics symptoms of common cold. However, these are temporary, you will also be prescribed painkillers to deal with any discomfort.

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that should be approached with a lot of consideration. You are not just changing the shape of your nose, you are changing the way you live. Entrust your life and your well being with us for excellent results and lifelong happiness.

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